About Me

I love to be active I have done for the most part of my life,, as a boy I represented my school in the 200 metres, shot put and long jump as well as playing for the rugby team. I've been involved in martial arts since I was 14 I was introduced to freestyle karate with hapkido mixed in with it by a school friend which gave me my foundation..I moved on to shaolin kung fu to a system called five ancestors and then mugendo which was my introduction to kick boxing! I trained in wing chun and jujitsu for a little while before moving into muay thai (thai boxing)..much latter I trained in submission wrestling and brazilian jujitsu and today I consider myself a freestyle martial artist. I've run 8 marathons including 4 London events numerous 10km races my fair share of half marathons and 25km road races.. i've also run 4 english national cross country championships whilst running for Newham and Essex beagels and Woodford green athletic club. My personal bests are 5 miles 28:31 10 mile 1:00:09 half marathon 1:20:01 25km 1:37:51 marathon 3:14:12.

I qualified as a group fitness instructor at the YMCA central London fitness instructor training headquarters in the late nineties and sharpened my instructor skills at the nike fitness instructor conventions and fitness professionals conventions such as energy and excellence! I completed instructor training in bodymax ( weight training for group fitness) and khai bo ( non contact martial art/boxing workout similar to tao bo ). Latter I added keiser ymca indoor cycling to my repertoire all the while doing instructor training workshops picking up new ideas and methods.

My speciality is martial arts/boxing/muscular endurance/body conditioning and cardio based workouts as these are what I have been continually doing myself in my over 25 years study of martial arts..so everything I do has been tried and tested many many times and refined and then adapted to the individual(s).

One of my personal great training moments in my life was when I traveled to Simi Valley in California in 2006 to take part in a 3 day martial arts seminar called the paradise warrior retreat! The pwr brought together the great Gene 'judo' Lebell, undefeated kickboxing champion Benny 'the jet' Urquidez, former pride mma middleweight champion Dan Henderson,former ufc lightweight champion Pat Militech, Gokor Chivichyan and wing chun teacher Eric Oram! This was an experience that greatly enriched me on a personal and fitness instructor level and it will always be with me.

Another great training moment of mine was training under the great american martial arts legend Joe Lewis at seni 2010! I participated in his 2 hour seminar and along with talking to the great kickboxer Don 'the dragon' Wilson has impressed me most with his knowledge and open views on martial arts in general. I look forward to one day meeting my childhood martial arts hero Chuck Norris..who along with a friend of mine Jeff Passmore got together and nicknamed me the awesome kicking machine after Jeff asked him to watch a video of me working out and got Chuck to agree to the name!

Media wise i'm open to anything that involves my martial arts/fitness either on camera or behind camera as a performer/actor or trainer/ adviser! I have already used my boxing ability for a IBM video professionally so I have experience on screen already. I'm also open to writing fitness/martial arts columns for either magazines or papers! My first fitness column was for issue 3 of face on magazine which is a UK based magazine so again I have already experience in this area. I have a manager but you may contact me directly!

To win is to try and succeed
To learn is to try and fail
To lose is to not try at all

I believe you have one life so live it as well as you can be!