Fitness success begins with a single step coupled with the right guide!
Hi welcome to my official website where you can find out about me as a fitness trainer and as a martial artist and athlete! I have over 12 years experience in the fitness industry teaching a variety of classes at all the major commercial health club chains as well as blue chip corporate fitness gyms..on top of that I fitness train one on one and my clients have included 2002 bafta award winning producer of Othello Anne Pivcevic and her husband producer and former head of international investment for channel 4 Paul Sowerbutts.

I have over 25 years involvement in martial arts with my foundation in freestyle karate with hapkido mixed in with it and as a athlete ran the 200 metres for my high school and was a successful right winger in my high school rugby team before running eight marathons and four english national cross country championships in my early twenties. My first professional use of my ability for media was a motivational video for IBM where I was hired for my boxing skills amongst other athletes.. I beat 10 boxers in the final auditions to get it! The experience has made me very open to film/tv/video media opportunities so contact me if you wish to hire me.

Once more welcome and I look forward to guiding you to fitness success!

Jay Darrell Ingleton

"I recently worked with Jay on an IBM commercial and to say he was a true professional is an understatement. He was playing a boxer and was asked to hit to a punchbag with multiple combinations, speedball and skip for hours to get the shots we required. He did this without complaint (and very little rest!). A true testament to his passion and dedication and of course, his fitness and conditioning".

Hugh Ip Executive Producer, Jack Morton Worldwide

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