JDI Fitness Services

The services I offer cater for all fitness levels from the sedentary to the athlete and the athlete to the professional on a individual or group basis..
I adapt and adjust my methods accordingly for the best results.

The fitness training services I offer are:

JDI LBT: A legs bums and tums workout aimed specifically for women looking to improve those areas !

JDI KICKBOXING: If you like or want to learn kickboxing or want an exciting way to get in shape this is for you..this is a mixture of everything i've trained in.

JDI BOXING FITNESS: Workout using boxing methods to get in great shape.

JDI BODY BLITZ: Body conditioning hitting you with an all over workout or specifically targeting those bodyparts you want to improve.

JDI BOOTCAMP: A mixture of all that I offer for a challenging diverse workout.

JDI CORE & STRETCH: Focusing on the core and stretching out the body with a holistic approach.

JDI CROSSTRAINING: Mixing different training methods together for a great workout!

I can help you with your running or if your looking to run a 10km 1/2 marathon or marathon.

I offer general nutritional advice and moniter your dietary habits.

Healthclub studio co ordinators and fitness managers I teach all the regular classes spinning/lbt/cardio combat/boxing circuits/body toning/aerobics.

Media wise i'm open to anything which involves me using my abilities be it tv/film/video or magazine fitness articles as I have written a fitness column
for face on magazine...

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