What My clients say About Me

I recently worked with Jay on an IBM commercial and to say he was a true professional is an understatement. He was playing a boxer and was asked to hit to a punchbag with multiple combinations, speedball and skip for hours to get the shots we required. He did this without complaint (and very little rest!). A true testament to his passion and dedication and of course, his fitness and conditioning.
Hugh Ip
Executive Producer, Jack Morton Worldwide

As a model and presenter I need to be looking my best! I found Jay's legs bums and tums workout to be great and challenging and I would send other models looking for an excellent trainer his way.
Simone Thomas model,presenter,business woman

I have found Jay Darrell Ingleton to be a great trainer! Jay has been very considerate and flexible whilst being my trainer and has got me into great shape. Jay has showed me methods of training that were new to me and adjusted them to suit my needs. I have and would recommend Jay to anyone looking for a great trainer.
Hofit Golan

I have been taking Jay's boxing class for a year and a half and I absolutely love it! Jay is a great instructor.Each class is different and gets more diffcult each week,but they are manageable enough that you don't give up! He always says mind over matter and that is so true. I have noticed that i'm more toned and my waist line has definately gone down. Thanks Jay for making boxing fun!
Nadine Teryn Lee